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Business Phone System is a service that allows you to make phone calls using Voice over internet Protocol, or VoIP. Instead of utilizing the Public Switched Telephone Network, our VoIP system transmits in a digital form through protected packages.


Business Phone System (VoIP) in Cocoa Beach, FL

Phone Through the Cloud

The Business Phone System delegates hosting to Amazon Web Services, ensuring that our service is guaranteed to be up, even if yours is not. Interactive Voice Response enables you to program your own custom salutations. Customize the prompts to suit the requirements of your corporation.

Business Phone System (VoIP) in Cocoa Beach, FL

Video & Audio Conferencing

With the convenience of initiating a meeting with a single click to transfer between VoIP and Video. Log in securely with the potential for remote control assistance and easy troubleshooting. Our Business Phone System is a perfect fit for a business that is looking for a medium that host its meetings hassle-free.

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Business Phone System (VoIP) in Cocoa Beach, FL

Live Call and Chat

Our Business Phone System makes it possible for the visitors on your website to connect with you through a text, web interface, or a call in real-time.

Business Phone System (VoIP) in Cocoa Beach, FL

Protection and Support

Our Business Phone System sets a benchmark when it comes to online security. It deploys a security mechanism that is developed to be malleable. It fits right in without compromising workflow.

Business Phone System (VoIP) in Cocoa Beach, FL

App Integration

With our Business Phone System, you do not have to train your employees on new software. Our Business Phone System works flawlessly with the applications you already use. It synchronizes the contacts from your phone book to Microsoft 365 enabling you to launch calls effortlessly. You will also have access to new features.

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