Server Monitoring Maintenance & Support in Cocoa Beach, FL

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Servers are like cars. They respond well to proactive maintenance. Routine monthly upkeep of servers ensures minimal downtown and faster response times. At Technology By Design, we make sure your servers are revved up and ready to go. We make sure your server is kept in mint condition through these services:

Server Monitoring Maintenance & Support in Cocoa Beach, FL

CPU, Memory, and Disk Space Monitoring

Technology By Design considers monitoring and surveillance of network components to be a significant part of a network administrator’s responsibilities. This is why we deploy system monitoring resources on Windows and Unix-based servers. We will spot contentious and abnormal behaviour early on.

Server Monitoring Maintenance & Support in Cocoa Beach, FL

Custom Service Monitoring

We believe that every business is unique. Every solution has to be different in order to incorporate the subtle nuances required for various companies. By the virtue of our cooperation with software and hardware vendors, we provide a highly optimized and personalized solution with the intent of helping your business flourish.

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Server Monitoring Maintenance & Support in Cocoa Beach, FL

Backup Maintenance

Technology By Design makes protecting your data and trade secrets the highest priority. We have specialized engineers that work within your budget to develop and optimize a plan that meets your specific requirements. We will help you incorporate the latest backup methods like dedicated backup servers, drive imaging, continuous data protection, data deduplication, and offsite backups.

Server Monitoring Maintenance & Support in Cocoa Beach, FL

Protection against Malware and Viruses

Technology By Design has a proactive approach to dealing with malware and viruses. We install an antivirus on your file and exchange servers so regular and consistent updates can be made. This will enable the latest detection methods for suspicious software and activities. Antivirus software can be updated remotely, making it possible to examine the quarantine directory and to have the ability to install a ‘Hot Fix’ for the antivirus program as it is required.

Server Monitoring Maintenance & Support in Cocoa Beach, FL

Uptime Monitoring for Servers

We will monitor and survey every single alert that your servers report to the Network Operation Center. This occurs even when no one is logged onto the server. We have a very aggressive approach towards the upkeep and maintenance of equipment. Your servers’ operations will stay functioning as intended.

Server Monitoring Maintenance & Support in Cocoa Beach, FL

Windows Updates Monitoring

Your server will be kept up-to-date through diligent maintenance. Routine tasks will be performed to confirm backups are created before critical updates to your server are applied. Having a working snapshot of your data and infrastructure makes rolling back to a previous backup have virtually little to no downtime. The team at Technology by Design will ensure all the latest fixes and patches are applied to the computers on your network.

Server Monitoring Maintenance & Support in Cocoa Beach, FL

Monitoring For ISPS & Network Devices

Once a server is installed and configured, considerations for maintaining your systems need to be made. Consistent monitoring and optimization are important for the smooth operation of your systems. Technology by Design’s network operations center verifies the working condition of your devices as well as the data and settings that they possess.

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