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It is important for a company to dedicate resources towards developing and maintaining IT infrastructure. This can be a resource intensive project that requires a lot of time and capital. Let us help you. Technology By Design will not require a major investment of your valuable time and money.  Our technicians will do what they do best so you can spend time focused on your business-all for reasonably less.

The #1 IT Services Provider in North Lauderdale, FL helps you with:

Managed IT Services in North Lauderdale

Safeguarding Your Infrastructure

We keep your servers and desktops secure through the application of an Outsider approach. Our multifaceted approach keeps your systems secure. By detecting and preventing foreign intrusions through the use of advanced packet filtering, your network and assets will be safeguarded from DDoS attacks.

Managed IT Services in North Lauderdale

Dynamic Supervision

Packages, in the form of software agents, are implemented to supervise the health of your servers and networks. This 24/7 monitoring solution enables our team to detect and correct an issue before it affects your workflow.

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Managed IT Services in North Lauderdale

Server Management

At Technology By Design, we conduct regular scans to maintain the health of your servers. We check for updates, security issues, errors, and warnings on a daily basis.

Managed IT Services in North Lauderdale

Technical Assistance

Our technicians are equipped with best-in-class tools to inspect your networks for you. They can be easily reached through phone, email, or the web for fast timely resolution of issues remotely. If necessary, technicians can be dispatched quickly to your place of business to assist you.

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