Buying A Windows 10 Computer in 2020

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Buying A Windows 10 Computer in 2020

We all have had that reality check. It’s the moment you realize the technology you are using is obsolete. Your flip phone locked up after the last update. That GPS became an unnecessary clunker. Your computer screen froze solid after the latest patch. Here you are in the middle of 2020 stuck at home and it’s time to get a better computer. Here is a brief guide on how to approach buying a Windows 10 computer worth your money.

“Advancing technologies will be both our savior and doom.” -Olaf Frozen II

Buying a new computer can be overwhelming. Ads bombard us with an attractive price then present a summary of notable specifications of the machine. You have to look deeper into the details to see where the retailer skimped to get you a good deal. The rest of this article is going to give you an overview on what you should be looking for in a laptop or desktop computer in 2020. All-in-Ones Save Space

Buying a Windows 10 Computer | The Next Generation

If you need a Windows 10 PC, your best bet is to get a computer that has a processor for the current generation. PCs with 9th and 10th generation processors are widely available now. Here is how to tell what generation your computer is. We right-clicked “MY PC” then clicked “Properties”. This is where we found our processor information. Buying a Windows 10 Computer Generation From this image, you can see that the number 9400 represents a 9th generation computer. Older computers and systems not based on Intel processors will be different. With the recent migration of Windows 7 to Windows 10, we have found that many computers from 2nd generation and older could not even complete the upgrade process. Newer generation i7 and i5 models are great processors. If you are considering a computer with an AMD processor, The keyword to look for is Ryzen. Ryzen 3000 or better is preferred.

Buying a Windows 10 Computer | RAM

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is your computer’s ability to multitask. Too little RAM, and older models of RAM, will make your system crawl. 8 Gigabytes (GB) of RAM is the base amount we recommend. DDR4 is one of the latest models of RAM. Make sure your new computer will have RAM at least equivalent to that. RAM for a Windows 10 Computer The amount of RAM you will ultimately need depends on the rigors your computer will be put through. If you are browsing websites, printing documents, and remotely connecting to another computer–then 8 Gigabytes of RAM is enough for you. If you are going to be displaying heavy multimedia through processes like 3D graphic animation production, cutting edge video game playing, or high definition video editing, then you will likely want 16 GB or more. Make sure your computer will have the amount of RAM you want. If you suspect you will need more, make sure it has the capability of being upgraded to holding the amount you suspect you may need.

Buying a Windows 10 Computer | Hard Drives

A solid state drive (SSD) is noticeably faster than an old school hard drive. SSDs are a newer type of hard drive that does not have moving parts, so it it is more resilient to wear and tear. Also, they can access data faster. Solid State Drives tend to be more expensive than regular hard drives. The cost of a 1 Terabyte SSD is considerably more than the same size SATA hard drive. Make sure the drive in your system is big enough. SSD VS HDD for a Windows 10 Computer Having a second internal hard drive or an external USB drive in addition to your main hard drive will serve as a good way to back up your data. If backing up your files is important, this is something to consider when buying a windows 10 computer.

Buying a Windows 10 Computer | Graphics

There are two options for types of graphics cards. You can go with the integrated onboard graphics card that comes with the motherboard in the computer. The alternative is an add-in video card. Having the option to add in a video card, even if you don’t necessarily need one, potentially extends the life of your computer when the onboard graphics card eventually goes bad. This gives you the option to replace the graphics card instead of the entire computer. Windows 10 video cards The amount of RAM you will need in your video card varies greatly from one program to the next. It would be best to consult the requirements of all the programs and hardware you will be using with your computer to determine your needs.

Buying a Windows 10 Computer | Ports & Other Devices

Are you going to be using a USB scanner to scan multiple pages frequently? If so, then you will need a computer with at least one USB 3.0 port. Devices that require USB 3.0 or higher connections are becoming more and more frequent. The good news is that if your computer meets the standards set in previous sections of this article, your computer probably has these. Most devices do not need USB 3.0 to function. USB 3.0 ports and cables frequently have a blue coloring inside their connectors. Below is an image showing another way USB 3.0 ports are commonly displayed on a computer. USB 3.0 High Speed ports There are other devices worth considering. USB-C ports are becoming more common for phones and devices. How will you access the internet? Will you need an ethernet port to plug into your network? Will you use wifi? Not all computers have wifi adapters and not all laptops have ethernet ports, so this is something worth considering. Wireless internet adapters and ethernet to USB 3.0 adapters are common enough to make this a non-issue.

New Computers 101 | An Anthology

Has it been a nice run with that old system? It might be time to let it go. Consider these options during your next computer purchase so you are buying a Windows 10 computer worth every penny. Do not get left in the cold with a computer that quickly becomes obsolete. bill gates change my mind

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