Network Security Services

Network Security

In order to meet the evolving needs of the present day world, businesses have to invest in maintaining an unfaltering network that is built for intense usage. Computer networks are extremely vital for a business. They not only facilitate the exchange of data, but also enable communication through emails, voice, and video conferencing.

Computers typically have a firewall installed in the form of an antivirus. There is a key difference between the typical method and OUR approach. Generally, firewalls are installed and protect the computers that run them. Our approach is to use Network Firewalls, which protect the entirety of the network that it runs on. This method of installing a firewall on the network gateway enables the monitoring of every single bit of information that goes in and out of your location.

The installation, maintenance and surveillance of a network firewall requires a competent IT expert with extensive contemporary knowledge in damage control and reacting to network invasions. 

Technology By Design provides a Network Security package that includes:

Network security services

Firewall Installation And Configuration

A firewall is designed to stop a virus from wreaking havoc. It blocks unauthorized access of your computer. A firewall safeguards your computer from invaders accessing it through the network. An appropriately configured firewall can significantly strengthen the security of your systems and this is exactly where we come into play.

Network security services

Full Network Audit

Network auditing is a process that maps out and catalogs all the hardware and software access points on your network. It helps identifying devices and facilities that are linked to your network. A full network auditing procedure plays a significant role in making your network secure.

Network security services

Network Mapping

Network mapping provides insight into your network and all the devices that are connected to it. Our Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is extremely competent at generating and demonstrating network maps. Network mapping is extremely important if a business wants to conduct network visualization, device monitoring, and network issue diagnosis.

Network security services

Network Penetration Service

A network penetration test assists your business in establishing a general overview of your  network security’s effectiveness. Both new and old companies can have sophisticated networks with certain gaps and flaws that can be overlooked easily. With this service, a business can have a sense of preparedness and foresight into the system’s shortcomings with regards to security.

Network security services

User Access Control

User Account Control, or UAC, prevents any unauthorized access to the system. Viruses, malware, and administrators with malicious intent are the common perpetrators. UAC makes sure that the original administrator approves any changes that are made to the operating system.

Network security services

Managed Network Security Service

At Technology By Design, we assist businesses by managing their network security; which provides them a sense of tranquility. Our managed network security services have been meticulously developed to keep crucial assets and trade secrets secure with the help of security monitoring, alerts, threat intelligence, security device management and incident response.

Network security services

Intrusion Prevention System

An Intrusion Prevention System, or IPS, is a type of system that is deployed for network security. An IPS constantly scans your network for a potential breach or any malicious activities, and records the statistics. The statistics that an IPS system captures are extremely important as it allows an administrator to take immediate preventive measures.

Network security services

Training Services

An IT consultant is a very broad title for a job that embodies a whole range of fields. An IT consultant can be a system administrator, network architect, security expert or even something else. These experts are tasked with developing, implementing, and maintaining a secure network of computers.

Network security services

Network And IT Consultancy

Technology By Design features a wide range of IT expertise. Our team will make certain that your IT framework is deployed according to your company’s needs and intentions. Technology By Design utilizes its experience to study your inventory, stock, and resources to come up with a clever and efficient system recommendation based on your specific requirements for running a smooth operation.

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