Teambuilding Exercises for Online Meetings

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Teambuilding Exercises for Online Meetings

Teambuilding exercises are a way to boost morale and energy within a company. Working remotely can take its toll on the connection between employees. Here are some ideas for hosting creative teambuilding exercises with your crew.

Use Video Teleconferencing Programs for
Teambuilding Exercises

All of the ideas we are sharing today will integrate nicely with the screensharing feature in programs like Zoom, Google Meet or Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger Rooms. Each of these services requires a free account to participate. Zoom might be the best choice for your company since the logins will not be associated with personal social media accounts.

1. Kahoot! Teambuilding Exercises

Kahoot! is a tool that teachers have been using for years. It allows hosts to make custom interactive tests with a score system that is shown onscreen after every question. Players log in remotely using their phone, tablet, or computer. This can be used to summarize an online training live with your staff in a fun way. The software can be used to create polls and customized to even have a leaderboard for tournaments.

2. Interactive Games by Jackbox

Fibbage as Teambuilding ExercisesJackBox Games are a series of games which can be bought separately, or in six different collections. Each game is a party style game with a varying number of players that can all play remotely using a phone, tablet, or computer. Each game can be outright hilarious. Screensharing will allow everyone to be able to compete in real time. Games include drawing games and trivia games. There are family friendly filters for many of the games if you would like to use this with students.

3. Pictionary or Live Brainstorming Sessions in Zoom

Zoom has a whiteboard feature that allows users to collaborate in making pictures. This can be used to serve many purposes, like playing pictionary using terms from your industry or facts about your employees. They can draw their favorite hobby, or try to write their favorite song name only using symbols, and have everyone guess as they draw. If your company uses a different teleconferencing program, there are whiteboard services available.

4. Virtual Escape Rooms as Teambuilding Exercises

Ghost Ship Virtual Escape Room
Here are just a few examples of escape rooms available on the internet that can be worked together or in seperate teams to see who can finish first: Harry Potter themed escape room and Minecraft themed escape room.

5. Charades

Easy concept. You can privately message participants what they need to act out on their webcam while everyone gets a guess.

What are your go-to teambuilding exercises?

Are these teambuilding exercises for online meetings good for your company? Please let us know in the comments below how your company is dealing with morale and remote work.

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