Top 10 IT Services Your Team Should Provide

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Here are the top 10 IT services you should expect from the company that provides your support. Not every service many be necessary for you, but having all of these options available will save you time and energy from looking for them later on.

10. Device Protection Options | Top 10 IT Services

Battery back ups are a necessity in our home state of Florida where lightning strikes and power outages are common. Your entire network should be set up in a way to ensure continuous operation in the event of a power outage and provide protection against power surges.

Battery Back Up UPS

9. Remote VPN Access | Top 10 IT Services

By today’s standards, you need to be able to work remotely from home. Having a proper VPN set up will ensure your data and remote sessions are protected from intrusions.

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8. Provide Technology | Top 10 IT Services

This is a broad topic. You may need a network, the next operating system installed on your computer, or new Sonos One speakers installed and configured to run in unison throughout your office. The very best in IT can directly provide and install these for you.

7. Customized Service For Your Needs | Top 10 IT Services

Whether your company is 100+ employees or just you, your IT team should scale to provide services tailored to your needs at the right price. Knowledgeable IT companies will offer the best technological solutions to assist your company’s efficiency.

6. Email & Website Hosting | Top 10 IT Services

If you need an email address at your domain, having your IT company host your website is the best choice. They should be able to assist you with integrating Microsoft Office, addressing issues with Outlook, and setting your employees on Microsoft Teams.

Email hosting is a Top 10 IT Service

5. Detect Potential Issues | Top 10 IT Services

Monitoring software should be employed by your IT to check the health and security of your systems. Anti-virus software should be running scans regularly. Health checks should be performed daily. Your IT should be able to proactively address many issues before they become critical.

4. Help Desk Support Anywhere | Top 10 IT Services

Your support team should be a couple clicks or a phone call away. They will need to instantly access your computers and provide fixes and installations immediately when necessary.

3. VoIP Phone Systems & Support | 3rd Top IT Service

Voice over Internet Protocol phones are in high demand right now because you they can allow an entire business to work together from different locations. Employees that work remotely can answer calls like they are in the office. Calls can be seamlessly transferred between teammates, placed on hold, or added to a conference. Your IT professionals should be able to customize your service to your needs and add phones onto your system whenever you need them.

Providing VoIP phones is a Top 10 IT service

2. Back Ups & Data Recovery | 2nd Top IT Service

In the event that your systems go down, having an external back up can be the saving grace for your business. Having multiple back up devices and methods will further put your mind at ease.

1. Set Up a Secure Network | Top IT Service

Number one on the top 10 IT services list is setting up a secure network through direction connections and wifi. Your IT team should be able to install your network providing ample expandability and operate within the scope of your needs. All devices should have the access you would like them to have and work with no issues.

Top 10 IT Services #1

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Technology by Design wishes you the greatest of success in choosing your IT professional team. We offer services in the South Florida area and remotely around the world. We hope our list of top 10 IT services has helped you in your search.

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