Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

Traditional wired networking, although still viable, is being replaced by wireless networking services for interconnectivity in homes and places of business. Wireless networking services offer some inherent advantages, like the ability to stay mobile amid the rapid pace of innovation in this field.

The only downside is the sheer variety of wireless options. Technology by Design will prevent you from getting overwhelmed as we will help you choose the right connection method for you.

Various types of wireless connectivity options that we deal in include:

Wireless Networking Services

Point-To-Point Wireless Connection

There are times when businesses need a wireless communication system between two physically distant spaces. These buildings will require antennas capable of establishing long distance, point-to-point communication.

These antennas are capable of transmitting a narrow, concentrated beam in a singular direction in order to determine the distance between two contact points. Point-To-Point connections require two different devices. One is configured as the client, and the other as an access point.

The greater the distance between two devices, the stronger and more concentrated the beam needs to be in order to establish a robust connection between the two physical spaces.

Wireless Networking Services

Point-To-Multipoint Connection

A wireless ISP model is point-to-multipoint connection created by connecting the client devices that are connected to an access point or an antenna to connect various access points together, over a larger area.

Almost all the ISPs employ this model of connection to provide homes and businesses with an access to the internet with a single device at the center.

Wireless Networking Services

Hybrid Connection

Despite the ability of a point-to-point connection to connect two office spaces, it still is not strong enough to span across a wide geographical area. This is when a Hybrid Connection is deployed. It associates point-to-point connections with multipoint-to-multipoint connections to further expand network range to buildings within close proximity.

Wireless Networking Services

Multi-To-Multipoint Connection

Multipoint-to-multipoint connection is based on the same principle as point-to-point connections. This connection method connects all the nodes within a wide area with each other. It essentially creates a mesh network to establish communication

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