Work Remotely During Quarantine

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Work Remotely During Quarantine

Coronavirus 2019

Technology by Design is dedicated to providing continuous support services throughout the CoVid-19 quarantine. If you have questions about how to prepare for working from home, contact us. Remote access, additional equipment, and other services to monitor your business is only one call away. Technology by Design aims to assist you in being best prepared for this crisis. We will fulfill all of your IT needs without interruption.

CoVid Quarantine | Work Remotely From Home

During the quarantine, life at home can be demanding with all the preparations we need to take to protect our families. TBD can protect your business network and still provide you with secure remote access to your work computers. This will translate to being able to perform your office duties and keep day-to-day operations ongoing as usual. If you would like to set up remote access to your office computers, we will gladly help get you connected.

Covid Quarantine Work From Home

CoVid Quarantine | Need Supplies For Your Business?

Do you need equipment to set up your VOIP phones from home? Do you need battery back ups to protect devices you have taken from the office? We will ship supplies and equipment you need directly to your home and will do so expeditiously. As an additional service, we will set up and monitor your backups and computers for health and security.

Supplies for Business

We Are On Your Team!

Thank you for your continued business during these hard times. We will make it through this together.

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